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    I am having a little annoying issue I hope can be resolved. Just recently I noticed when I bumped my treo 600 it does a soft reset.
    First of all It wouldn't be a big deal if everythging came back to normal, but when it comes back on the wireless mode is off.
    Secondly If it's in the case and I don't notice be walking aroung with my phone off. I sucks because my wife thought I wasn't answering my phone.
    Furthermore I have to turn my treo back on everytime it does that. Is there something wrong with my treo? Should I consider looking for another phone?
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    I'll bump this because I have the same problem.
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    How hard a bump? If you dropped it, it would cause the same problem.
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    Not hard at all.
    Setting it on a desk.
    While in front pocket, getting in car. (Pants tighten up)
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    I think you have a loose sim tray. Try to put 3 layers of small scotch tapes and stick it to the sim tray.

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