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    I'm getting frustrated...but hope there is someone that can tell some way to run all of the apps I'd like to load up.

    Basically, I have a 2GB SD card with hacked ROM and want to load the following apps (prioritized list):

    - ChatterEmail
    - TomTom Nav6
    - Doc-to-Go
    - Agendus
    - Rescobackup
    - PDAnet
    - Volumecare
    - Rescoexplorer
    - Dir Assistant
    - Genius!
    - Flightstatus

    The biggest challenge for me is having TomTom, Chatter, Agendus, and Docs-to-Go all installed concurrently. I constantly get "out of heap memory" messages.

    Any ideas on how I can optimize memory or apps I can load to help manage this mess would be helpful.

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    First get the dataviz tech tool to move docs to go to the card. Using the tech tool moves more than using the built in tool in dcs to go 8. Then consider power run to move apps onto the card that don't need to be in ram. Typically these are programs that don't use a data connection, don't use alarms, and don't hotsync their data. Also some programs have an option to store data on the card.
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    I just noticed you said out of heap messages. I believe there may be a problem with the 'hacked rom'.
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    I think he's trying to put those into the ROM. Good lord.

    Just use ZLauncher, Powerrun, something like that, and move those apps to the SD card. That'll save you a ton of ram, with the expense of waiting a few seconds for them to launch.
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    Add LauncherX to the list of 3rd party applications that will let you run apps from the SD card. Actually, even the default Palm launcher will let you do that, but with the Palm launcher, all apps on the SD card are put into a single category, which is not very user-friendly. Still, before you buy a 3rd party launcher that lets you set the category of all apps (including those on the SD card) you can try the Palm launcher to see if it helps with your memory issues. It certainly did for me.

    One other thing to be careful about, any application that runs in the background or is called from another application (this includes GPS programs, alarms, MP3 players, Push mail clients, etc.) must stay in RAM (or ROM, if you're going that route.)
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    I am not trying to put these in ROM.

    I'll try LauncherX. Thanks!

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