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    I am in the tryout stages, having broken my old Logitech Mobile Freedom Boom. The JX10 is very nice, small, very comfortable (glasses wearer) and the sound seems ok to my hard of hearing ears. Callers have told me that it sounds pretty good to them. The Moto 700 is also very comfortable and I think the sound is a bit louder for me which is good. However, i have gotten some complaints from callers that there is a bit of reverb and static. i don't know if this is caused by the boom sitting on my beard, but enough people have commented on a bit lesser quality on their end. I have tried a number of direct comparisons to friends. I am not sure which i will keep, but I am going to try the SonyHBH GV435 and the Plantrontics Discovery 650 before a final decision. Any feedback on any of these four would be much appreciated.
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    I'm getting the JX10 for myself next week. Already ordered it.
    A colleague f min is using the Sony one and the sound is perfect on both ends. The fit is also perfect. He is not a glasses wearer so I would not know how that would feel for you.
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    okay, so I got the JX10 last week, and it is my 1st bluetooth device. I selected it because of all the great reviews. Here's my impression after just about 1 weeks use. Not real comfortable after an hour or so with the ear piece but with out the ear piece it is too loose (maybe I have wierd ears?), it is always falling out, but then again I have not yet found the "just right" fit with any of the wired headsets that I have tried. Sound is just okay, not great. It is small compared to others, but still a bit too large for my taste. It has had no trouble at all pairing with my 700p, and all else tehnically has been cool, other than I paid way too much at a Verizon store. If I decide to keep it, I'm going to return it to Ver. and get one from TC. It is okay for the car when I am mostly still, but I feel that it should be able to be used all the time, other than playing football or something. Am I expecting too much? If this is one of the best there is, is the whole bluetooth earpiece thing kind of like the "emperor's new clothes?
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    Find yourself some ear gels (radioshack, bestbuy or wherever) and you will get a tighter fit and higher volume.


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