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    Apologies for cross-posting this from another forum here (Accessories), but got no help there...(Moderator: bump this if necessary)
    I use a Panasonic 1 GB SD card on my Treo 600 for music (PTunes), photos (Splash Photo), documents (Docs To Go), Audible files, BackupBuddy VFS, news feeds (Handmark Express), and run many other programs from the card using Power Run. I would like to upgrade to a 2 GB card - my questions are:
    -Any incomaptibilities on the T600 with any 2 GB cards? I prefer Panasoinic and am looking at the high-speed 2 GB Pro card.
    -How best to move everything between cards? Can I just use a card reader and copy everything onto my PC then onto the new card, or do I have to re-install BackupBuddy, and also use Power Run and move other programs back to the handheld and then onto the new card?
    -Any other tips?
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    I've just copied and pasted before using my computer's card reader and haven't had any problems. That was on a 650, though.

    I'd say try it and if that doesn't work, repost again.
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    Name the new card the same as your old and everything shpuld run fine.

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