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    Hi Marc Blank and ChatterEmail users,

    This is a suggestion for customizable shortcuts in ChatterEmail.

    Currently, only the hard keys are customizable, but this
    eats-up valuable hard-key functionality. My suggestion is to
    have something similar to QuickNews. (in QN, instead of the
    keys being assignable to functions, the functions is assignable
    to any of the keyboard buttons).

    Here is the list of functions that would be helpful:

    - Go to Previous/ Next MailBox
    - Go to Previous/ Next Account
    - Go to Previous/ Next UNREAD mail

    Yeah, ChatterEmail does have single key commands, but they
    (mostly) operate on individual mails.

    Please post your comments and observations.

    - mvk
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    This would be a great feature to have. Not sure if it doable, but please give it some thought.
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    I will think about it.

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    Would like to see this aswell. This is what the screen looks like in Quick News. (warning, popups when clicking!)
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