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    I'd like to have something to protect my 700wx, but not make it more difficult to slide in and out of my pants pockets. Those rubber skin types seem to make it harder to get in out of pockets, so I'm looking at the invisibleShield.

    Does anyone who uses this product think it makes it difficult to get into or out of pant's pockets?

    Also, I found a couple different products and wondered which one is better:

    invisible shield:

    Reading through some people's posts here, it's hard to determine if one is a 'clearly' better solution than the other (pun intended)

    Thanks for your opinions!
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    I use the bestskinsever. Slides easily in and out of my pockets. I'd recommend sticking with those though since they're so cheap...and get yourself and extra set. I kind of consider these things disposable. After a couple of months, you'll probably want to replace them. What I've noticed is that along some of the edges, bits of lint/dust can start sticking. Eventually, they start to peel off a bit...but they BSE are so cheap that I don't find that to be a big deal. I think you can buy 3 sets of BSE for the same price as 1 set of the shieldzone.
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    Oh, I know, but I don't want anything that will add thickness more than the invisibleshield/bestskinever. So I'm really looking to pick the best between those two.

    Especially given the crystal case's issue of impeding keyboard access, at least from what I've read on the forum thus far.

    I may explore the crystal case once they have addressed this design flaw, as I saw the guy who posts from that company said they are doing as we speak.
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    I've thought about a Crystal Case as well, but same thing...don't want any added thickness and the inevitable lint/dust that gets trapped between it and the phone would drive me nuts. I am curious though about the black rubberized version they're working on.

    As far as the invis and the BSE, from what I've read, they are the exact material, just different cut patterns.
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    I brought the bestskinever thingy. But I have phone insurance so I haven't put it on. I don't know how hard it it to take it off.
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    I've taken a few pieces issues, although I've heard a report or two. I think the trick is to just do it slowly. I got an extra set. What I've been doing is just replacing an individual piece as necessary.
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    I've been using Invisible Shield now for a couple of months. Extremely happy with it. Slides out of pocket easily (not easily enough to fall out though)
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    how much of the phone does the skin cover? does it protect the easy to scrtach chrome front that my 650 used to have a problem with?
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    Another vote for the invisible shield. Love it.
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    The one for the Treo 700 covers the chrome-ish part above the screen. It doesn't cover the chrome parts on the sides or button of the screen. It's easy to peel off when you don't want it anymore. BSE is a much better deal than the Invisisble Shield. the BSE also covers more of the Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tre0rox View Post
    Does anyone who uses this product think it makes it difficult to get into or out of pant's pockets?
    I was just about ready to order Invisible Shield again (upgrading to 700wx from 650). Your post made me take pause.

    My biggest disappointment with the Invisible Shield is that it is indeed rubberized and tacky. That was the first thing I noticed when I installed it. It improved the grip in my hand, but was real disappointing with the way it grabs going in and out of my pockets.

    It's a great product, but it indeed has its drawbacks. I am looking for a better skin, but in the absense of a good alternative, I'll go with shieldzone again. (Do I sound conflicted?)

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    another vote to shieldzone! i got a fat scratched on the screen part of the protector the other day cause i accidently put keys in that pocket.. i was surprised to see the scratch slowing gets smaller and eventially disappear completely in the course of 2 days!! it's amazing, and i kinda like the extra grip taht it provides.
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    I have had no issue with the BSE making it difficult to take the phone in and out of my pocket. The silicone case I once used sure did though...
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    How long do these skins generally last before they need to be replaced? My egrips last about 3 months before the edges start to ppeel up and look nasty.
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    I think much depends on your particular use. I'm sure use of certain holsters/cases all come into play, but based on own use, discussed above , I'd say no more than 2 or 3 times per year. At $7 a set for the BSE, you can replace them 3 times a year for less than the price of a single set of the Invisible Shield.

    You could also place individual pieces as needed.

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