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    Can anybody please tell me how can i configure my office email with treo. My problem is that currently i can receive my office emails but am unable to send emails via treo. The details of the problem are like this:

    I am working in an oil field where my all our mail is being routed through our headoffice server (installed in another city). The outlook settings we use in the field office are as follows.

    For incoming emails we have setting like this:
    mail.pso(company name).com
    For outgoing mail:

    As you can see for receiving incoming mails we connect directly to our company server while for sending mails we send it through smtp of our local isp. Can somebody tell me if this problem can be solved

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    Use the SMTP from your carrier (Sprint, Cingular, etc). You can call them or google it to find out the server name.
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    Many phone companies block outgoing mail ports just like ISP's do. You may need to check with your mobile service provider and ask for them to either unblock your port or provide you with a different outgoing mail server.

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    You didn't mention it, but I assume you went under the advanced settings at set the username and password for the outgoing mail server. Many smtp servers require authentication.
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    I am not in america and my carrier has blocked their smtp. what should i do?
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    I might be misunderstanding your question, but you should be able to make an account through gmail that you can then use to to send mail, "from" your work account. In Outlook, it will say something like "sent by [Hussain's Gmail e-mail account] on behalf of [Hussain's Work e-mail account]" -- but it works great. You then set up all replies such that they go to your work-address. Google has very detailed tutorials (with pictures, and all), so I'll not further confuse you by trying to explain. Look under gmail's

    settings --> accounts
    settings --> forwarding and POP

    I no longer use a gmail account this way on my Treo, but this is how I had it set up in Snapper. Should give you some clues w/ whatever program you use:

    Smtp Server:
    Username:[my email acct at gmail]
    PW: password

    Use Port 465
    Pop before send: disabled
    Use CRAM-MD5 Authentication: enabled
    Always secure (wrapped port): enabled
    Always trust server: disabled

    Best of luck
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    Is it possible that I use one account for receiving email and other account for sending email. I mean i want to receive emails from my office server and want to send out emails by using gmail as described above

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