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    This is my third Treo. I've had a 600, then a 700w (worst mistake of my life) and now my 700p. I've had my 700p replaced three times (one more time for insurance...) because of constant crashing.

    I've never had problems w/ my 600. I don't understand what is going on here. I am running very few applications on the phone (Handmark Express on the phone, Monopoly, Fuel Log, Directory Assistance, Worldmate Pro on a 1G SD Card).

    It keeps freezing up on me. I don't understand it. I use Wireless Sync for my email and that's about all I use.

    Can anyone give me any ideas what I can, or shouldn't be doing to avoid all these crashes? Most of the crashes are while running Phone, with a fatal exception when I dial #*#377.

    Thanks for any input!
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    sounds like an old library from your 600 was synced over to your 700p. I would hard reset and use it for a few days without your old data, I bet you wont see any crashes.

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    In my opinion,

    Bringing over old data from an old system wreaks havoc and can create this constant crashing issue. You are better off laboriously re-inputting by hand all of your information (contacts, addresses, etc) You will also have to uninstall the Palm Desktop and make sure it is free of any of your prior information when you reinstall it. (I did this and so can you)

    If that doesn't work, you might want to look into a cheaper solution like perhaps soup cans and string...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriW View Post
    ...Most of the crashes are while running Phone, with a fatal exception when I dial #*#377...
    I'd try the following:
    • Uninstall all the third party applications and see if it freezes, if not, you know where the problem is. Load one application at a time until you find the guilty party
    • If it crashes with no applications, try a hard reset
    • If it still crashes, return it and demand a new unit.
    • If the new unit still crashes, presumably there is something in your data. Back up your data and do another hard reset. Install the contacts only, then date book, etc.
    • If it still crashes, return it for a full refund and get a 600

    Just a bunch of guess, good luck!

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