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    Oh and BTW- not noticing much of the jumpiness on any of the PT versions with the 700p. The 650 became unusable w/ PT except for streaming.
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    I downloaded 3.1.8 .prc to my card today about 4:30 eastern time. A moment ago I checked the version of PTunes Deluxe in the "about Pocket Tunes" in the help menu, and it said 3.1.7. I then used the ZLauncher File Manager to find the downloaded .prc on my card (within the Palm>Launcher folder). Then I moved the .prc to the RAM (after answering "yes" when asked if I wanted to replace the existing file in RAM). Now, in the "about Pocket Tunes" screen it states the version is 3.1.8. Perhaps those of you who still have 3.1.7 in "about Pocket Tunes" screen should check to make sure you don't still have the 3.1.8 upgrade somewhere else in RAM or on your card like I did.
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    When I downloaded 3.1.7 it hosed some of my preferances on other apps, like SnapperMial and others.

    This happen the last time I downloaded pTunes Deluxe as well.

    Anyone else?
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    Just checked- after I downloaded the .prc to my card and moved it to RAM as I stated above, the registration code got entered automatically. On mine there is no space between ptd and the numerical sequence. Don't know if it makes a difference, but you may want to make sure there is no space when your re-enter: ptdxxxxxxx. Hope this helps.
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