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    I did a search, probably not a great one, and could not find anything relevant. Here is my problem: I received 3 distinct email files on my treo, those being a word file, an excel file, and a pdf file, all relatively small size (less than 50K each). Each opened perfectly. All was wonderful.

    Now, later, when I try to go back into Docs it locks after about 2 seconds of loading. If you know what I am talking about, the little round pie chart locks after about 1 3/4 revelutions. It then stops and of course, the 700p locks. Nothing else works until a restart.

    All other apps run fine.

    I am running a Sprint 700p and in the past docs has worked great. I guess opening 3 different types of docs in a short time messed it up?

    Any clue on what to do to make it run again beside a hard reset? Is it a data base problem that simply could be deleted? Recall Docs is a ROM program, I cannot imagine it being corrupted. I simply am too much of a newbie to know where to go next.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Followup: if this happens to anyone else, my problem was related to the SD card apparently not communicating well with docs2go. I noticed this when I took out the card and doc2go loaded like it should. On reformat of the SD card, all is well with the world once again. What a wierd one!

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