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    I have searched and searched, installed the palm os, hotsync manager and even tried isync yet cant get my treo 650 to sync with my mac.

    I bought this treo 650 and its so old it has software version 1.03 on it.

    I took it to the sprint store and they wouldn't work on it and directed me to the palm website I already looked at.

    anyone have any clue how I can do this?

    I have the usb cable but it doesn't have a hotsync button on it, i'm supposed to initiate sync from the computer.

    I have isync and the latest palm os desktop for mac on my computer.

    what do I do?

    do i need a memory card at all to do a software update? i don't think I do.

    I already searched on here and on treocentral but my luck hasn't gotten me results. yet.

    thanks in advance.
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    When I had the 650 and the mac I found I had to plug in the cable and tap the hot sync button on the palm pilot. I wouldn't sync any other way.

    Also check to be sure you have all the palm desktop software loaded on your computer and you have the Hot Sync Manager running on your computer.

    I am sure you do not need a memory card to do so.

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