I'm having a recurring, rare-ish crash that I can't quite track down. Here's what I know:

The error is in preferences.c, "Pref DB open error." It occurs within Initiate, Takephone, 2day, and a couple other apps as well, and rarely when actually using the phone.

One article I read said this was usually a bad file association, so I installed Resco Explorer and had it repair the exchange db; it reported "no bad entries found."

HOWEVER, when I go into Prefs->Default Apps, "Web" is no longer an option for the browser field. I'm not sure if this is related to the crashes or not, but I have spent a significant amount of time toying with WebPro (never got it to work), NetFront (never got it to work) and Picsel Browser (works, but I rarely bother).

Any ideas? How can I make Blazer reappear in the Browsers menu and will that help anything?

Possibly worth a mention: this occurred after starting to use a 4GB SD card, but I had installed the fat32 drivers months previous without any problem. I suspect this is a coincidence, because I began installing more apps after I got more space...