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    I went to the store and played around with the 700w, PPC 6700 and 650. I loaded up a bunch of apps in the 700w until I got a memory error. Actually I was impressed to open as much as I did.

    I streamed a radio station, was browsing the web, had Excel, Word and a game open. When I tried to stream video while all that was going on, I got the error message. Coming from a SK2, this is already way above my expectations for a phone/pda device. If I want a laptop, I would just bring mine with me.

    I did toy around with the 650... unfortunately their 700p wasn't working. I'm already very family with PalmOS so it was a breeze playing around with it, but I'm going try the 700w for 15 days and see what happens. Believe it or not, I hate Microsoft. If I don't like it in 15 days, I'll swap it for the PPC 6700 or the 700p.

    I loved the 6700, but I found that way too many people missed their phone calls and its just not a good phone. Unfortunately, I can't live with that.
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    If you're not the patient type, you'll be returning the 700P faster than pigs can fly. There's soooo many things wrong with it that needs to be corrected with a firmware update (whenever that's coming out), that i would have gone back to a 650 if i hadn't already sold mine.
    700Wx, so far, is impressing. From the few i've played with, it's worth considering.
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    Is the WX from sprint only or all carriers?
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    700Wx is only from Sprint. Verizon does carry the 700W.
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    If Verizon carried the 700wx, it'll be an easy choice.
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    I hear what you are saying and it's a tough choice. I've had the 700p since it came out and I do like it alot. But the occassional app lags and the inability to be looking at a web page, switch to another app, and come right back to the web page is annoying. I originally tried the 700w when it first back out and hated it. There were lots of bugs in bluetooth and other places. The phone would freeze and not be able to answer or hangup calls when memory got low.

    There has been a 700w firmware update since then. So last night I broke and picked up a 700w to try out. It's only been a day so it's too early to say. But it seems like the bluetooth is connecting to my car better (although it still doesn't show signal strenght bars like the 700p does).

    I'm amazed though at things the 700p still does better though. For the basic PIM stuff, the 700p is clearly better, especially the calendar.
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    I'm not amazed the 700p does better in many ways. PalmOS is very good and Microsoft typically sucks. I'm trying it because I actually liked WM when I tried it and it's more "fresh". Also I get the feeling that PalmOS is on it's last limb. Linux will be the better overall machine, but it appears that the 700wx has solved most issues.

    I'm going to try running the 700w to the ground when I get it. I'll load it up with some free apps and see if I'm happy with it. If it's unusable, I'll exchange it for the 6700 or the 700p. But from my impressions with it in the store, I think the 700w will do more than what I need it for. I wouldn't consider myself a poweruser.
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    If you get keep the 700w, go to the 750v forum. The today theme from Vodaphone has been posted there. I REALLY like this them much better than any of the standard WM5 themes. It's greyish-gold with red highlights. Very nice and classy!
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