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    Hi to all,

    as someone knows, in the last June I wrote an importing tool, to import sms's and phonecall log from PalmOS Treo devices ( I received a lot of requests in the last months from "non-Treo" users, who asked me to enhance my application to be used from ANY PalmOS device.

    I'm glad to announce you that I worked on it, and today I will release a new version of Treodesktop, who will import and manage sms from BOTH Treo and non-Treo devices.

    This new version will be named Treodesktop "NotOnlyTreo" version, and will work with any PalmOS device (like Tungsten, Zire, etc..).

    I believe that someone would be intersted to browse data - and save history, but only registered users - of its own sms's on the pc, so I posted here this announcement.

    The new version of Treodesktop - for registered users - will also show a "thread chat" panel, in order to read (and export on RTF file) the sequence of incoming/outgoing messages from a single contact, just like a chat view.


    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer
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    Bruno, the paypal donation section of your site keeps returning an error message "Your session has timed out, please log in again." whenever I try submit payment to you.

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