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    okay, my 700p delivered yesterday afternoon. before activaing with VZW i get all my contacts and software loaded onto the device. (VCare, PCare, Dir asst, Flt Status, Balance Log, Filez, TakePhone, 2Dial, NVBackup, and stopwatch) and all works flawlessly. I did not activate or even go near VersaMail.

    I normally use KeySuite but I thought about switching to agendus so i can use the built in database by Palm. I transfer all my contacts, calendar adn tasks to the normal palm contact manager. I did not like it. I then install agendus...Hated that and it was very slow to find contact name...Did a hard reset...reinstall all software again and this time KeySuite. Put all the contacts and calendar back on the 700P and all is perfect and as fast as the 650.

    Now BT...I use a Plantronnics 510 and it would pair fine but loose the paring after sleeping or just being non-active for a while. I went out and bought a JX-10 last night...charged it, paired it and tested it. All was fine. Treo slept overnight...woke it up and it is still paired!

    I love the fit of the jx-10 too. this is the most comfortable headset i have worn yet (models tested Jabra 250, Plan 640, 510, Aspoon thingy, and a few others). While at the store i did try the samsung wep2000...did not like the fit.

    Anyway, i thought i would share some good news keeping in mind that i don't use this device for email. now if EVDO is all it is cracked up to be then that might change. What ever Cingular had on the 650 was just too slow!

    Now i need a case..My Sena flip case destroyed the 650's shell with chips and scratches. I thought it was just me but others have reported the same thing happening to them.
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    me too! So far so good *cross fingers* Purchased a 700P from verizon and it's worked great. 1000% better than my wm5 device. This is the first time I have had VZW and the company is way better than sprint.
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    Congrats on your new 700P! I have mine working just the way I want it too (chattermail, no versamail) and I love it! Although I initially met with a lot of frustration, once I put the time and effort into it, its now perfect!
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    this goes against the other posts too but...the BT is working very well for me on a new JX-10 and in my car. I had to replace my 510 headest with the JX-10 but the car is the same and the BT is working better and FASTER in my car.

    The JX-10 is great...NO lag at all.
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    good to hear others are happy w/ their 700p's
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