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    Ok I have an unlocked Cingular 650 that I am using on T-Mobile(works fine). I am trying to update the software / firmware to the Unlocked GSM from the Palm site and it will not do it. I dont want the Cingular stuff on there. Does anybody know how to get the Cingular software out and replace it with the unlocked GSM? I have firmware 1.51 and software Treo650-1.17-CNG. Any help would be appreciated.
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    i had a cingular locked phone, easiest way for me was to actually downgrade to one of the old beta firmwares. *this doesnt have a version check*
    do a google search for firmware 1.23 *the current is 1.71* after you have installed the 1.23 firmware, you should be able to install the current 1.71 firmware with no problems, after installed, do a hard reset, and you should be good to go.
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    If you want to try, you can also use mmastrac's ROMTool. It allows you to change the tokens so you can use a different version. It's a really great tool and easy to use. jamesgangut made step by step instructions you can find if you search. It's actually very easy to do and very cool to take off extraneous programs.
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    while ROMTool is one of the best software ever written on making your 650 better. ive read a lot of posts on people having problems changing tokens and the software not wanting to update. again, i never tried this myself, as i downgraded and then upgraded, and THEN used ROMTool to change/remove stuff i didnt want.
    [unlocked/unbranded/internal antenna/no camera/gsm/treo650]
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    If you want to change from CNG to say LAP or ENA, it's quite a complicated process, but here's what you need to do:
    1. Make sure you have the firmware update for either LAP or ENA
    2. Using the ROMtool, change the token from CNG to either LAP or ENA
    3. Use the SD Update method to change the partition size
    4. Flash using the firmware update for LAP or ENA
    5. You should now have either LAP or ENA. You can now modify the ROM anyway you want.
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    The easiest, but not necessarily cleanest, way to do what you are trying to do can be done by:

    1. Download the unbranded updater
    2. Download the updater -> ROM image tool from Shadowmite's website.
    3. Run the updater, but instead of HotSyncing, copy the files from the Install
    directory of your Palm Desktop installation to the same directory as the T3
    4. Now use the Broken Treo Restore Tool from Shadowmite's site to push the
    ROM image to memory (requires USB and Windows)
    5. If you find that some network things aren't working the way they should,
    changing the tokens should fix it. But you should be all set anyways...

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