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    Is there a easy way to edit/create playlist for RealPlayer? I have a 2gig SD card full of mp3's and t's a pain. Another thing that I noticed is that when I create a playlist in realplayer it actually saves the songs in reverse order. What’s up with that?
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    RealPlayer stinks if you have anything more than a few mp3's to play... Get PocketTunes, AeroPlayer, Busker or mOcean (did I miss any?) Which is best? Depends on which features are most important to you. For me, PocketTunes = fast, stable; Busker = shows cover art; mOcean = best, most easily used interface; AeroPlayer = haven't tried.
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    I was using mocean for a while but noticed it was draining my battery. Yup that's right mocean drained my battery. I would charge my treo at night and in the morning I would only have half of a charge. So by the end of the work day it would be in the red. Uninstalled it and now my treo's battery last at least a few days.
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    Could be. A poorly written program that uses a lot of processor cycles would certainly drain the battery faster than a well written program doing the same task with fewer cycles. One program that I have that is a battery hog is the Garmin Que GPS software, but I don't fault Que - constantly accessing the SD card to download and redraw maps is probably an inherently power hungry task.

    I haven't noticed any significant battery drain with PocketTunes, it seems to be fast, efficient and stable though I dislike the included and aftermarket skins compared to mOcean.

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