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    I'm the new owner of a Treo 650 (Cingular). I produce videos by trade using Apple hardware/software, so I have the ability to save them in any size/format out there. (I sucessfully hot sync with Microsoft Entourage daily via bluetooth)

    What's the best video pixel size/format for the Treo 650? I have a bone stock Treo. I would be happy to buy some software to make things easier if necessary.

    I'm guessing 320 x320 for the pixel size, but I have no idea what format (WMV, MP4, MOV, etc...) the Treo 650 prefers.

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    Pocket-DVDStudio is very simple to use converter and produces .avi files. (Can do one step coversion of DVD's)

    320x240 preserves the 4:3. With wide-screen, some choose to crop each side for a larger on screen image. I personally would rather the full width.

    TCMP is a good free player, handling just about all formats except wmv.
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    it all depends on what you want, native or 3rd party.
    like mentioned before, tcpmp is a great player for the 650 *or any palm device*

    pretty much your limited to the encoding process. whatever has less pixelation, less blockiness. but tcpmp is great for playing near any format, so just use whatever encoding process you prefer.
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    Thanks "johncc" and "hartleyshc",

    I think I've got the encoding part covered. From reading your posts, it sounds like I need a player.

    Does anyone know of one that works with MP4 and/or MOV? (I think TCPMP works with the older Microsoft MP4 codec, not the cool new H.264 codec)
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    yeah, i havesnt tested with h.264 only played that on the psp.

    tcpmp should play mov also.
    ill do a test on a h.264 vid.

    edit: nvm all my vids are encoded for the psps res. rather not try those. although it seems tcpmp will lower the res to play on your device. again, as im sure you know, it all matters on the screen. 320x320 aint much, pretty much any encoding format thats best/fastest for you will be good enough.

    double edit: seems that for native movies the palm software encodes into mp4 with mp3 audio. with an asf extention. not sure on what bitrates though.
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    So are you saying that when I use the Palm Software "Send to Handheld" to transfer the file, it automaticaly converts it to another format? Hmmmmm.....

    Maybe I should just try transfering some videos.

    I'm also looking at the Kinoma Player for $19.95.
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    i would suggest tcpmp. as an overall video player, its MUCH better. i still havent found a video that the treo cant play. *of course these are just tv rips. i havent tried any of my high quality dvd or hdtv rips.* chances are the higher quality rips will play, but you might need to overclock the treo with a program like pxaclocker.

    with tcpmp you might not have to reencode your vids at all. only major format i havent tried, but have heard it doesnt work is wmv. best of all, tcpmp is free.

    ive been looking into the kinoma player thats bundled with blazer 4.5 on the 700p seems it supports RTSP which im currently trying to get to stream live tv from my media center to the treo. seems the current standalone version of kinoma doesnt support this.

    kinoma was top dog along with mmplayer about 2 years ago, but seems tcpmp has now taken the trophy. if youre thinking about kinoma, i suggest you try before you buy.

    and yes, it converts. at least im told. i only use the quickinstall and it doesnt convert for me. although from what ive heard from others, it does convert, and obviously takes a long time.
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    Okay, thanks! I'll try it and report back.
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    Did you install ALL the plug-in's when you installed it? Or should I only install the ones I think I'm going to need?
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    I'm a fan of Kinoma Producer for converting videos, it seems to handle anything I throw at it and produces mp4's that TCPMP will always play. Check this post to see what Kinoma settings I suggest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchman View Post
    Did you install ALL the plug-in's when you installed it? Or should I only install the ones I think I'm going to need?
    personally, i included all of the plug ins, just for those few videos i have that i didnt encode. *plus you dont want to be in a position where you have a video that you cant play because you didnt install the plug in*
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    Okay, I gotten a little farther with this.

    1) Discovered a cool program to convert my large video files to smaller 320x240 MP4 files VERY quickly. It's called iSquint. (Thanks TreoCentral search function!)
    2) I purchased a SanDisk MobileMate SD (really small USB card reader) for $14.95 from Best Buy. Transfering files to the Treo via the 2GB SD is WAY faster now.
    3) PROBLEM: But now TCPMP gives me an error message:
    Player: MPEG4 AAC Audio decoder not included! It was removed from the official install package because of intellectual property considerations.

    So now what? Is there a TCPMP plug-in that will play MPEG4 AAC audio?
    (or does anyone have the original one that was removed? Can you send it to me?)
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    Nevermind. I found this thread and downloaded it.

    I've finally got video and audio playing on my Treo 650! Whoo Hoo!

    Thanks for all the help!
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    Thanks John. (I think we posted at the same time)

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