I've been using Chatteremail for about 7 months with the @chatteremail.com imap server and I love it!! I get emails on my Treo 650 before they even make it to my desktop. I'm hooked.

So, I've been telling my dad about it, and he has a PPC-6700 with Sprint. Since, I've never had a Pocket PC phone, I was wondering if someone could tell me what is considered the best setup for the same type push functionality? He is looking for a new email server that has web access, good filtering, low-cost, and push functionality. Also, what would be the best Pocket PC mail client to use with this server? I just love how Chatter works so well with the chatteremail.com email server and want to get him hooked up with something similar on his 6700.

UPDATE: Sorry, wrong forum. I just realized there is a forum for WM devices. Mods you can delete this post.