Hello Everyone!

My 2 year contract is coming to a end with my normal LG phone from Verizon. I have decided to get a New Treo 700p. What really closes the deal on the purchase is my girlfriend; she works at Verizon, so I am going on her plan. For 10.00 a month for 700 minutes 100 txt / 20 pics and 25.00 for unlimited data. Which is already 20.00 cheaper then my current plan with 300 mins no txt. Anyway I can not wait to start using my new treo soon.

I have been reading the boards, and doing searches but I still have a few questions.

1. Currently I use quicken on my PC, but I do not quicken for palm is there any other program I could use that would have total control?

2 . I am also going to use toccer for aim and I was wondering if its best to get a bigger battery since I will be running that 24/7.

3. I am also getting tom tom navigator 6 soon as well, does anyone have reviews or opinions on this or maybe another alternative.

4. I also need a good leather case that is thin and wraps around the treo ( I don't want it to interfere with my car cradle if I get tom tom) or would I be better off with a full invis shield for the screen and the treo itself?

- Troy Harbaugh