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    Does anyone know why a PalmOne Lifedrive Mobile Manager running Palm OS 5.4 (Garnet) has Wifi, but our Palm OS Treos can't?
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    Probably can only handle two radios at once: Wifi/Bluetooth or EVDO/Bluetooth. Probably Palm Garnet specific problem. Do a search to know for sure.
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    Thats one hell of a question since Lifedrive has Wi-fi and Bluetooth , hmmmm?
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    That isn't unique to the Lifedrive. Other Palms such as the TX have wifi and bluetooth built in - others through the use of SDIO cards.

    But anyway, it's been a hot topic of debate for years. Nobody really has the answer - it's all speculation. But I think it's quite likely that it is an OS related limitation when looking at the facts. A year ago we could only take shots in the dark, but today the Treo 700p and 700w share almost all the same hardware, even made by the same manufacturer, but Palm will not allow SD-wifi with the 700p while it does for the 700w. I find that to be very tell-tale.

    Palm OS is long in the tooth in many regards, no denying it anymore. If the addition of EVDO to the 700p is even partly responsible for it's slowdown in memory access speeds, then it's no wonder they won't even try and support wifi. Even if they'd somehow managed it with the 650, Palm would have been shooting themselves in the foot when it came to releasing the 700p. As it is, they are only trying to "get by" in terms of Palm OS devices until there is a (long overdue) successor to solve their problems.

    Fact is, there is no "x# Radio Rule." Nobody has the answers. But the fact that Palm has been so suspiciously awkward with features on their Palm OS phones, while recently beginning to sell WM5 devices without the quirks, tells a lot.

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