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    Just bought a new 700p. When i insert a new 2gb sd card it at first recognizes the card, then a few seconds later it says no card found? I tried 2 diff 2gb sd cards and the same happens.

    I used a 1GB w/no problems though.
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    Also when i go to format the card it says "no card inserted" even though the card is inserted.
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    A lot of us were having disappearing card issues with the 700p. The program CradleCare solved most issues though I suspect it's a complex mix of 3rd party programs and crappy Palm programming. I had disappearing card issues. Got cradle-care. Issues stopped. Loaded the new version of PrefDoctor. Issue came back. Dumped PrefDoctor for the prior version, and no issues since. Conclusion: Beats the hell out of me.

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