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    I have tried to download upgrade to snappermail to put on treo 700. People at snapper nice but we have not been able to solve this problem.

    I can get through several screens but when it gets to the screen I am assuming is just before asking for my credit card, it will not let me go forward when i press the forward button. It will let me go backward.

    Any ideas. I use IE, Windows, I disabled my virus checker and firewall. Still no dice.

    I have liked snapper mail on 600 and want to use on 700p. Is vista working ok with pop3 accounts in case I can't solve the down load problem.

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    I can send you the enterprise trial edition - without the code of course, send a PM with an email address. I am very surprised it is still at the level it is. Have you tried ChatterEmail? Ben
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    thanks. I did a work around and paid for program upgrade from another computer. So I now have program on phone. Having trouble sending outgoing mail. see several treads on this. remember I had a tough time to get settings on 600.

    If anyone knows how to set outgoing using snapper and mindspring I would appreciate it.
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    Who is your internet provider?

    As an example I use Cablevision's Optonline in my home. They do not allow me to send using their SMTP server from my Treo. So I needed to config Snapper to receive from incoming mail server and send via Sprint's SMTP mail server. This also makes me make changes at home when using Outlook Express. If I want to send e-mail from my Sprint e-mail through Optonline I need to just what I did on the Treo only now I receive Sprints e-mail from their server but can only reply through Optonlines SMTP server. CONFUSED?????????????

    Let me try and simplify............................

    - I am using a Sprint Treo 700p w/Snappermail

    - If I have 10 e-mail accounts with 10 different services I can only respond to ANY of these e-mails with Snappermail set up to SEND/REPLY via SPRINT's SMTP server (Outgoing mail server).

    ******** Same goes for my home e-mail *********

    - I use Optonline cable modem

    - If I have 10 e-mail accounts with 10 different services I can only respond to ANY of these e-mails with Outlook Express set up to send via OPTONLINE'S SMTP server (Outgoing mail server).

    This is just a fact of life now because of SPAM, most ISP's now do it this way.

    <If anyone knows how to set outgoing using snapper and mindspring I would appreciate it.>

    Is your Treo from Sprint, Verizon?
    So using above, you would need to set up the incoming mail server to whatever Mindspring uses. Something along the lines of "" or "".......................

    Remember, I'm 99.999% sure Mindsprint will NOT allow you to authenticate to their OUTGOING SMTP mail server once it sees that you are coming from outside the Mindspring network so you must reply to any e-mails going through whoevers SMTP server from your Treo service provider. SO, THAT BEING SAID you would config the outgoing mail server to "" or "" <---- Verizon is just an example as I do not know their actual SMTP server name.

    Always remember to ad your e-mail address to the "reply to address" field in Snappermail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This way you get an e-mail from someone on your Treo from your Mindsprint account.
    You reply, but are actually replying via Sprint (or Verizon).
    The person gets the e-mail from you and replys.
    They in fact will be replying to your Mindspring account because that is what is in your "Reply to Address" setting.

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    Thanks, I finally got it to work.

    I use mindspring/earthlink. Had incoming mail set ok

    for record in snapper account set up for incoming mail:

    pop3 server put

    username: the before the @ part of your e mail address

    password: your mindspring password

    Outgoing mail

    smtp server

    username: whatever you are assigned by sprint for the name of your phone

    password: the one you have for your phone/pcsvision account. Sprint set mine up yesterday.

    I must have typed my password in wrong because when sprint confirmed the pass word thru a convoluted process of my telling them what I thought it was and i retyped it in, I was finally able to send e mails.

    Now I am finally after a week or so having the key things I need on my 700. getting close to as good as the fully functioning 600 was, plus I have an exchangeable battery.

    Thanks to all who helped me. I hope I don't have to transition again anytime soon.

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