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    Ok, so theres an article on the front page of talking about how to "wow" your family and friends with your treo. the only part of the article that was new and actually wow'ed myself was the last one, talking about

    seems orb is a program that runs on your pc, and it allows you to access your media anywhere.
    also seems that right now it only supports the kinoma player thats bundled with the 700p as the current public version 3.1.1 does not support RTSP streaming.

    has anyone tried, or is able to add the kinoma player to their 650? since this is a publically sold program would this be stepping into the grey area of piracy? does anyone know of anyother way to stream media from their pc over to their phone. orb is a good idea to me, since they can also stream live/recorded tv from my media center pc. i know im able to watch mobitv on my treo, but i love the idea of NOT having to pay monthly charges. my data plan is enough.

    any ideas or suggestions out there on how to stream to my treo?

    edit: after much reading, seems the streaming is caused by a combination of blazer 4.5 and the included kinoma. have found others trying to get this to work, but seems they were dumping files from the simulator, and hence were incomplete.

    edit2: seems kinoma is built into blazer, so it is probably just another background file. So the question now changes, has anyone gotten blazer 4.5 running on the 650?
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    if this is against the rules, moderators please tell me and i'll delete this post.
    is anyone with a 700p able to make a dump of the kinoma/blazer files, or perhaps the entire rom? i have no problems doing trial and error to get this working.
    [unlocked/unbranded/internal antenna/no camera/gsm/treo650]

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