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    I am looking for seidio holster, either the one for skinned treos or the one that fits the crystal case....

    treo 700

    i know many people bought and some do not like, so now is your chance to get some money back for it

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    Why don't people like it? I was thinking of getting one too.

    Do I get the skinned or unskinned. How is the skin?
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    Do you already have a crystal case? I have a holster/case that I would get rid of. Personally, i like my treo naked.
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    what don't you like about the crystal case. I understand that they are coming out with a revised one by the end of the month that will fix some of the issues.

    I can't decide whether to get the holster for the crystal case or without.
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    It just gave the Treo a bulkier feel (yes it is possible).
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    I wish I could see the Crystal Case somewhere before I decide. It sounds so thin but you feel it makes the phone bulky. Hmmmm....
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    wait about 2 weeks and i will most likely be selling mine. i am not too happy w/ the crystal case as well as the holster

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    as expected, my seidio holster's clicky belt clip gave up the ghost. it spins without clicking. it was loose to begin with from the start, hence my premonition.

    my replacement crystal case (see previous post on the topic in hte crystal case replacement thread) is still strong. however, since i am not using the holster, i decided to purchase a Palm OEM leather holster, a shorty antenna, and film protection to replace my Seidio stuff. Frankly, it is slightly bulkier but it is more professional looking in my corporate office environment. i like it better.

    Anyone wanna buy my crystal case and holster for $15 shipped? :P

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