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    I have been a palm user for quite a few years now, and have had my Clie TJ37 for the past 3 years (I bought it the day it was released). However, she's been giving me some problems, and I would really like to switch to a smart phone so I don't have to carry two devices around any more.

    I really wanted the 700p, but I'm grandfathered into a really nice GSM plan right now, and really don't want to switch to CDMA. So my only option really is the Treo 650, but I wasn't sure if it was worth waiting for the 680.

    The switch may be slightly urgent, as I rely on my PDA on a daily basis (as many of us do) and my batter on my Clie has been dying almost instantly lately, and changing the battery in a Clie is quite a hastle.

    Right now to buy a new 650 through my service provider will run me about $350 (i could get an unlocked one on ebay for about $280), but I could get it right off. Will the price of the 680 be lower? Another thing I must consider is the following question... Will an unlocked version of the 680 be available shortly after the initial release, or will I have to go to sprint/verizon/cingular for example?

    I'm new to the Treo world, but hope to be an active member soon since my trusty Clie is starting to give up the ghost. Any help and info will be greatly appreciated and considered. thanks.
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    At this point, just wait till end of month. The holuiday season coming will mean deals and bundles with such a new phone, and you would be fine with it if there are not too many software niggles.

    Plus, from the sounds of things, the 680 will come in under that $300 mark easily, making it a nice phone in your mentioned price range.
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    Thanks for the advice. Is it known yet if the 680 will only be available with specific carriers at first, or will an unlocked version be available?

    Also, the price range you mentioned, is that the expected price with a provider contract, or straight from Palm?
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    680 is supposed to be Cingular.

    T-Mobile of course passed a Corporate Resolution by the Intergalactic Board of Directors to never ever carry a Palm-manufactured device ever again, so if you (like me) are on T-Mobile you are SOOL.

    The 750 will come (eventually) to Unlocked/Unbranded status and will be available to all of us. Who knows when, though.

    The 650 is a decent phone. I have one. Works very well and is stable.

    That's why I have to sell it and get the T-Mobile DAsh in a couple of weeks, then the 750 when it is available.
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    The 750 is WM only though, right? I'm a Mac user, and I'm not too keen to switch to WM. Although syncronization is possible, it's a lot more limited than what I can sync with Palm, and I don't really want to sacrifice all of the programs I have purchased for my aged TJ37

    I go through Unicel, which is smaller than most of the companies that usually get the awesome phones first, so I may just have to wait for an unlocked 680, or grab a 650. Or I could try to order a battery for my Clie and try to suck all the life out of it as I can (It will be sad to see it go lol)
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    The 650 is old/dead more or less. The 680 doesn't give great upgrades from what we see in the rumor mill, but is a bit thinner, may at least have a trade-in value to whatever the next set of products are, and the price point is supposed to be significantly lower.
    I'm in wait mode too, broke my 600 last fall. I refused to buy a product (650) at that price point, that had been out even a short while since it had little over the 600 feature-wise. The price of 600's on ebay is what really surprised me and have me in wait mode; they've really held their value for a dead product.
    Part of it is the idea of not wanting to use a subsidy for two years until I could get something new. I've been post contract for over 3 years, so just waiting to see who offers 680 first. Probably means a switch from t-mobile to cingular.
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    If you can wait 2 more months, you should be able to get a 650 for much cheaper.
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    as one that bought a 650 2 months before the 700p was introduced, I would suggest you wait also if you can. I love my 650, but for 2 months and $150 more I could have had the 700p (OK, some will say I made a good decision!). It would worth it to have the option, IMO.
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    Is your contract about to be over within the next 6 months? If so retentions will be willing to wheel and deal. I got the 700p free plus a credit of $299 on my phone bill and I knocked $30 a month off my bill by threatening to go to Verizon.
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    Wait for the 680. Hopefully, the 680 will have bluetooth 1.2 or better. The 650 has bluetooth 1.1 and is unusable for many.
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    How long does it usually take for an unlocked version to be released? I'd like to stick with my current carrier if possible, so would have to wait for the ulocked 680.
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    wait til tomorrow when Palm has its press conference and you'll have more information to make a decision on.

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