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    Yesterday emailtreo's web mail program was running really slow. Support said they had a "small issue" that had been resolved, and the site did seem faster in the afternoon. Today, however, it is slow again, around a minute to change pages. It is basically unusable.

    Anyone else notice this problem? What is the best alternative IMAP email provider?
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    I haven't seen any issues with it. Working fine for me right now.
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    The webmail version of Emailtreo is horribly slow, but mostly during the business day crunch. It seems quicker to respond after normal hours. And some buttons (e.g., adding another action in creating a rule) just dump you out to the main menu. Quite dysfunctional. You're 100% correct, the jam up makes it virtually worthless when you may need it the most. Use it because there is no choice that I know of for IMAP forwarding to Chattermail.

    Does anyone know of an alternative to an service?

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