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    On my sprint 650, I was running a very cool little email app (very similiar to Sprint Bizcon) that hit my yahoo mailboxes. I did not need yahoo mail plus, but the charge for the service was the same. To my chagrin, Yahoo does not support this app for Verizon. I have to use either Yahoo mobile in the browser or pay for plus and configure the account in versamail.

    Anyone know of any plans to offer this app on Verizon?
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    You have to have paid access with Yahoo! mail in order to have POP access to it via your email application. Both SnapperMail and ChatterEmail handle it, ChatterEmail doing a better job - I have licenses for both applications. Ben
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    yea i have never heard anyone getting pop3 access to yahoo without paying
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    if you have access to a linux box, there is a very nice program called fetchyahoo. for windows there is
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    sorry yahoopops looks a little stale, not sure if its actively maintained.

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