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    I have recently got a treo 650 but have encountered a problem when trying to install the software from the cd. It gets so far seems to complete the registry changes but the just gets stuck. i don't get any warning messages or reports about what it's up to but i can see that multiple instances of MSiexec.exe are created and a couple of idriver.exe processes in the task manager.

    I can't even cancel the install, i click the button and nothing happens? I removed any apps i thought might cause issue like activesync but still no progress.

    Help, My next step is a reinstall of the OS which i don't really want to do?

    Any ideas anybody?
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    Nevermind, found the answer after searching most of the Palm knowledge base, just in case it gets anyone in future. You need to end the Idriver.exe process which is taking most of the memory(about 12mb in my case) and hey presto it finishes the install

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