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    I'm a new Cingular Treo 650 user. I love it! I haven't downloaded any addtional applications except "Zap" a game that came on the disc. I also have a 2 GB memory card.

    Everytime someone trys to call me, the call goes straight to my voice mail.

    I've searched TreoCentral (great site!) and found quite a few things that I've tried. (remove/replace battery, forward all calls to VM and then back). I haven't done a hard reset yet.

    Any suggestions? My Cingular rep seems to think its a Cingular system problem. Hopefully I'll find out today.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I had the same problems in the past. I would call Cingular and they had to do something (can't recall what). Some type of reset of the account I believe. Then it would start working again. This was before I went to the 650 but they were able to resolve it on their end.

    Have to tried a soft reset?
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    I haven't tried a soft reset yet. I'm going to call Cingular this morning and see what they say. Then I might try it.

    Thanks alot for the quick reply!
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    No problem. Let us know what the resolution was for you. Thanks!
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    I guess this has been a common problem with Cingular. They asked me to bring my phone in so they could swap out the SIM card with a new one.

    FIXED! (but I really don't understand why)

    Thanks again Chris for your help.
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    Interesting. Well, at least it is resolved and working again.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    I had the same problem last week. Called Cingular, they stated that the system wiped out the timer that lets the phone ring before forwarding to VoiceMail. They reset to 20 seconds and I am back to normal. This happened to my Treo, my wife's phone and several friends.

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