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    I've got a few questions about the Parrot CK-3400 bluetooth GPS/car kit.

    1. When connected to the car stereo (mute and speakers), will the Parrot mute the radio to announce navigation directions, or does it only mute music for phone calls?

    2. Are the navigation vocie prompts played through the car's speakers (like phone calls do) or do the navigation directions play through the Treo's speaker?

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    Ive never been able to get the Navigation instructions to play through the parrot, it has never routed to the device... I've used my 3400 with both a Treo 650 and a Treo 700WX, other than that, the 3400 is the best BT devide I've ever used!
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    Quote Originally Posted by winter720 View Post
    I have quite abit of feedback, I'll post it to this thread in the upcomming days, but overall, it's a great device, and achieves BT Semi-Bliss with the Treo 650...
    Winter720, I'm still very curious about that feedback - have you got any time in the near the future to post a short list of pluses and minuses from your experience with the 3400?
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    Thanks Winter. I look forward to your input.

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