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    wia palm addicts via mobile read.

    Monday, october 16th is the day to mark apparently
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    I can't wait for this, they make the best media players.
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    Don't hold your breath, I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if they release on time.
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    So... what's so hot about this, that I'll upgrade my free older version? More codecs is it?
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    If you haven't heard about CorePlayer well get ready, as we unleash power in 1.xx for: CE, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Palm, Symbian, Windows, Vista, UMPC, OS X, and Linux. While this is a 'limited' Technology Demo, when released CorePlayer 1.xx will support:

    - Advanced Skins
    - Streaming (http/udp/mms/rtp/rtsp)
    - Visualizations 2D and 3D
    - Video: H.264, DivX, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, OGM, 3GP
    - Audio: AAC, MP3, WMA, MID, AC-3, MKA, OGG, FLAC, AMR, WAV
    - CorePlayer PMP Mobile
    - 'Seek and Share' Social Network Sharing Technology
    - CoreTunes Desktop Media Library
    - CorePlayerX Web Browser Plug-in
    - CoreSync Mobile, Server. Desktop Media Synchronization
    - CoreTheque Media Library Database

    Learn more on September 10th, 2006 by visiting:
    To see how easy it can be to make the switch and 'Take back your media!'
    Hopefully it will be released on time...

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    Here is a preview of what it will look like, I found it on this website:
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    WOW!!! This may be the first app to support wmv files on the POS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist View Post
    So... what's so hot about this, that I'll upgrade my free older version? More codecs is it?
    I'm with you on that one. Plus from what I read on their website, this new version requires that you make an internet connection with their server or something to verify that you are a registered owner and also to update the player if there are upgrades available. If you dont make the connection after a certain number of days, the player will default to the "free player" which means you wont have the features(added codecs and some other stuff) of the CORE player you paid for.
    This will be a nice idea but i see some angry customers ahead. What if i travel to Africa for a month or so and since I'm using a CDMA phone, I have no access to a data plan? Does that mean i cant use the CORE player I paid for with all the codecs available because i dont have internet access? Thats not cool.
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    checking in ONCE should be sufficient.

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