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    I've been using a Sidekick II for over two years and I like how it has one central status area that alerts me if I have a new event. For example, at a quick glance (without even unlocking it) I can tell if I have a new email, message from AIM or Yahoo, SMS and so on. I can also zip between all these apps without going "offline" on either one.

    I know the Treo 700p can't multitask, but is it possible to be chatting with someone say via Yahoo or AIM, then check and read email without logging out from the chat app(s)? That seems like a basic operation to me and it would seem awkward to have to go "offline" from the chat just to check email.

    Another question, since the Treo has the ability to check email, chat, SMS, voicemail and etc... is there a central screen that will let you know you have an email, new SMS and etc all in one place? Or will I have to keep checking each app for new occurances... I know the 700w has a "Today" screen.

    Can the email client run all the time? Or do I have to keep opening it each time I need to check email?
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    The only email client that I know of that will run all the time is Chatter email, it will run in the background and check IMAP accounts with idle constantly, and pop accounts every specified number of minutes. You can set it to pop up the email on your screen when emails come in.
    There are a few chat apps that will keep runing while you switch out and do other things. You switch out, when a new IM comes in, it pops up on the screen until you go back into the app, then you're back in regular chat display.
    The phone screen has the dialpad, number of unread emails, number of unread text messages, voicemail indicator, time, date, next upcoming event in the calendar all listed.

    Does this answer your question or can I explain any more?
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    So it keeps tabs of number of unread emails? Meaning it's downloading the emails even though the email app isn't upfront?

    I'm only interested in free apps right now. I'd like to know what I'm getting right out the box and what can be added without paying money. The paid stuff is definately cool.
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    Chatter does what you want, but it is not free. As far as I know, Versamail which is the included emaill application will check email at given time intervals, but has to turn your screen on and run right up front while checking, you can't do anything else at the same time. I don't know if this has changed since the last time I used Versamail on my 650 - I haven't tried it on the 700 so you might want to wait for someone else to chime in.
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    Versamail will check e-mails at regular intervals. I have mine set to check 2 accounts hourly and a third every 6 hours. It does it in the background and I'm pretty sure it does not turn the screen on, unless of course it receives a new e-mail because it will alert you.

    Toccer is a free AIM client for the Treo. It supports running in the background and will alert you when there is a new message, though I've never used it extensively in this manner so I can't comment on reliability. Being free, it's a fairly simple and straightforward AIM client.

    I don't know the status of Verichat's reliability on the 700p but from my trial days of using it with the 600, it is a very well done AIM client with plenty of features. This, of course, costs money.

    The main screen has various indicators as Albert mentioned. Also, though, there is an "alert" screen which summaries all events which occurred while you weren't using your phone. Imagine a typical scenario where you leave your phone for 1 hour, during which you receive 2 e-mails from one account, 1 from another, one missed call, a new voicemail, and 2 IMs from one person in Toccer. When you return to your Treo the LED will be blinking because you have new alerts. When you turn on the display of your Treo, there will be a white screen which lists each of the 5 events. If you just hit "OK" without clearing the events there will be a small Bell icon in the top left corner of your screen reminding you of the events you haven't cleared. Holding the center button from most any screen will bring up the list again. You can click on each event to be taken to it and that item will be cleared.
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    Ok, I think that answers my questions guys... thanks!

    Decisions decisions decisions....

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