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    I've searched, but haven't been able to find a difinitive answer...

    I've been using webpro 3.0 patched on my 650 and it seems to work great... but it's HUGE, like 2MB.

    I've also read that there're problem moving it to the SD card (possibly only when using zlauncher). Is this true? Would it help to just install it directly to the card using something like cardreader?

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    I use powerrun to move it to the card, then you can launch it from RAM with the created icon provided .
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    Webpro takes forever to load from the card. The problem gets even worse if you have it save any kind of cache.
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    Yup i agree it takes a llooonngg time to load from the card and the more you use a novarra based browser it tends to create little files on the palm and alot of them Well at least it does that with the nweb browser which is the commercial version of the webpro browser. i have like 35 or more files with a nweb creator id totalling almost 2mb

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