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    I am getting ready to install Chatter and I have already looked at the user manual, but have a question about using emailtreo with Chatter. I have two email accounts and I am trying to figure out how to set this up. I have my work email(yahoo business) forwarded to my gmail (personal email) so that I only have to log into one account and this makes it easy when looking on the Treo. Do I just forward my Gmail to the EmailTreo account or is there a more efficient way to manage the two accounts and still recieve push email? With Gmail I can reply to my work email while still using my work email name so will I still be able to do this if I forward Gmail to EmailTreo acct? I have searched the forums, but have not found the answers to these questions so any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Just forward the Gmail (or both accounts, rather than Yahoo-Gmail-Emailtreo) account to your EmailTreo account and set up SMTP profiles for the other two, so you can respond from whichever you choose.
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    Thanks PabloTX!

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