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    I just got my treo 700p and i was wondering about the applications i can put on it. Can i put apps that are made for the 650 on my 700. I looked on this website but all they seem to talk about is the 650 so i was wondering if i could use the same apps
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    Congratulations on the new 700P. I still use the 650 myself and have not had any time to play with a 700P as of yet. You can always go to Handango and see if the application will work for both.

    I have seen some threads on the 700P area about applications you can install. I would do a search on it and see if anyone else has asked the same question(s). I hope this helps.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Go to the 700p section -- at the top you'll see several threads about what does/doesn't work. Have fun.
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    Since your Treo 650 is also of the Palm OS NVFS (early version), most if not all apps you have on the 650 should work fine on the 700p. It's the pre-NVFS coded applications you have you install/use with caution.

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