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    Okay, basically, I want something that has a slightly sturdier connection than a suction cup on the windshield (I had one of these and it would fall off constantly, and vibrate all the time.)

    I would just use the Proclips Treo700p mount, a Bluetooth GPS, and the Proclips vehicle mount for that sturdier connection, but the Proclips Treo700p mount only offers a constantly connected power cord, the audio cable would still have to be connected and removed from the phone every time.

    Instead, I'd prefer something like the Seidio car kits where I can just put the phone in the cradle, and it automatically connects power and the audio cable. Would it be possible to mount one of these cradles onto a Proclips vehicle mount?

    Also, I had a few other minor questions about the Seidio mounts that I didn't see answered in any posts. If using the stereo audio output of the G4850T, does that disable the external speaker in favor of using the car speakers?

    Is the external microphone necessary, or is it possible to just use the Treo's built-in microphone with these kits? (I guess would would really be a perfect car cradle for me would be a version of the G2350S that included a stereo audio output, or a 4100M without a external microphone port, used with a bluetooth GPS. Honestly, a lot of the features on these seem redundant or just unnecessary. For example, why have one cradle that has BOTH a speaker, and a stereo audio output? It seems this would be an either/or type decision to me.)

    Also, I use a Sprint Treo 700p anyway, but why is the ability to use a bluetooth headset a CDMA-only feature?

    Finally, what are the specifications on the GPS receiver used as an internal receiver for these cradles? All the page says is that it uses a SirfStar III chipset.
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    I found an email address for someone on Seidio on these forums and emailed him directly last night, and had a response waiting for me today. His replies were as follows.

    Good questions. Now, on to the answers:

    1. Our windshield mount (gooseneck) is German made and of extremely sturdy construction. We've had almost no reports of it falling off or not making a secure connection with your windshield.

    2. Yes, you can mount our cradles on the Proclips mount as long as it follows the AMPS configuration which allows for matching holes with our mount.

    3. Yes, plugging into the stereo output of the 4850T reroutes the audio output completely from anything else - including our built-in speaker.

    4. The external microphone is indeed necessary as it would be difficult - if not impossible - to be heard over the Treo microphone at any distance whatsoever.

    5. As far as the 2350 and 4100, development and intake is continuing, but I don't know what the next generation of these products would entail.

    6. Including a stereo out along with a speaker allows the customer a choice of which they prefer to use. We believe in building as much functionality as we can in to a single device.

    7. The GSM protocol makes for a limitation that interferes with B/T usability in conjunction with the built-in GPS receiver.

    8. Our GPS receiver has the exact same specs as our RBT2010:


    * SiRF Star III GPS chipset
    * 20 parallel channels
    * NMEA0183 compliant protocol
    * Extremely fast TTFF at low signal level
    * High sensitivity acquisition
    * Power saving features
    * Industrial Standard
    * Built-in Rechargeable battery
    * 17 hours of operating time
    * SBAS(WAAS/ ENGOS) supported




    L1,1,575.42 MHz


    C/A code


    20 Channels all-in-view tracking

    DGPS Source:


    System Back Up:

    Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

    Operation Time

    17 hrs at full charge continuous operation


    Tracking Sensitivity:



    10m 90%


    0.1 meters/second, without SA


    1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time

    Acquisition Time

    Requisition Time:

    0.1 sec.

    Cold Start:

    42 sec.

    Warm Start:

    35 sec.

    Hot Start:

    1 sec.

    Dynamic Conditions


    <18,000 meter


    <515 meter/second





    Bluetooth(Class 2) Serial Port Profile




    Built-in rechargeable battery and DC input


    1700mAh Li-Ion

    Antenna type:

    Built-in Antenna (external antenna optional)

    Physical characteristic


    70(L) x 41(W) x 30(H) mm




    Operation Temperature:

    -10 ~ +60

    Storage temperature:

    -20 ~ +70

    Relative Humidity:

    5% ~ 95%

    Everything other than the battery specs are applicable, as there is no inherent battery in the 4850T; it is powered by a DC charger included with the kit.

    Please feel free to post this in its entirety on the forum. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
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    I have a 700W and a Seidio crystal case and desktop cradle.

    I want to install a Pro-Clips dashboard mount (that attaches via screws right into the dash near the audio console). I'm looking now for a cradle for my car that will attach to teh Pro-Clips mount that has the following:

    1) Built-In Speaker
    2) Built-In or remote mic for hands-free use
    3) Support for my Seidio Crystal Case
    4) Ability to charge the Treo

    Does such a beast exist? It's going into a '99 Miata.

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