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    im thinking of getting a nice navigation for my car...since i already own the treo i figure this will save several hundred dollars. however, does anyone have it? can ya write me a quick review on what u think? for those who dont, have you heard anything about it?

    since it is bluetooth, will I be able to use my bluetooth headset as well as the navigation?

    thanks in advance.
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    I had that same GPS receiver for my T650 and it was horrible. When it worked, it was fine, but it almost always took 15-45 minutes for the Treo to recognize it. Pure misery. One of the worst purchases I ever made.

    On the other hand,

    is great. That GlobalSat BT338 works perfectly every single time.
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    i would still have to purchase tom tom with that right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dport View Post
    i would still have to purchase tom tom with that right?
    Have you read this thread, it just about covers all the options currently
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    You may want to look into TeleNav. TeleNav installs on the Treo 650. TeleNav does run $9.99 a month but it well worth it. I use the GPS receiver that comes with Microsoft Streets & Trips and the GPS Bluetooth Doc is from Pharos. This combo works awesome together.

    Yes, you can still have your Bluetooth Headset set up and will work when you recieve a call. I hope this helps.
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    telenav looks nice, but i much rather not have to pay monthly. not because i cant afford it, but bills are annoying.

    how is street atlas?
    or this.
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    I totally agree. I have only had it for going on 3 months now but until Cingular releases the 750, I will have to continue with TeleNav. Once I get the 750, I will install Pocket Streets & Trips and run it that way.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    EarthComber is free, it doesn't have graphical step-by -step navigation, but you can see streets, points of interest, see where you are on the map, etc... It's definately worth checking out. And they DO have directions, but they're textual. You can see the end point verses where you are, etc, it's just not quite as friendly as Tom Tom.

    And to go with it, I have a Holux 236 BT GPS unit, works dandy. Sirf III, picks ups sats in 2s (recently used) to 15s (used within days) or 60s (not used in over a week). The time differences being "known positions" and such, takes it longer to settle down if it's been longer since it was last used. Day to day usage, 10s max.

    You will not be able to use a BT headset and the GPS unit at the same time. Some software might disconnect the GPS to let the BT headset work, I've heard of that, but not both at the same time regardless.
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    What software do you run with your Global Sat BT338? I was looking at that receiver myself, but people have been telling me that the tom tom will always crash, and that I would be better off waiting for the next Garmin, due out in November.


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