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    Does anyone one know of a program or hack that let's you make your own startup logo for the Visor Prism?
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    SleepPic is the only one I know. It's a hack and only supports 256 colors.
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    According to the menu, the color-beta of Backdrop ( allows you to use the background at the start up image.
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    I dunno if it works in color, but ImagerX Hack lets you define a start screen (B&W on a VDX).

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    Thanx, I ended up using SleepPic. It was the best bang for the buck(freeware), Imager-X froze my prism when I turned it on in the cradle and was only b&w, and Backdrop CG doesn't work with Palmtheme 2.0 not to mention it isn't free. SleepPic is really great because it let me create custom startup and shutdown screens in 256 colors.

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