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    Has anyone experienced problems connecting with the outgoing or incoming .mac servers when using Versamail? Last week I could send or received. Ended up doing a hard rest (which just about killed me), loading Wireless Sync (which I hated) and then reinstalling Versamail. Since reinstalling I am able to receive email to my Treo 700p but I cannot send any. It's saying the server is not the correct entry name. Anyone have any advice?

    Thanks !
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    I always had problems with VersaMail. I switched to ChatterEmail and the problems went away. Although dotMac has had some reliability issues the problems might be temporary.
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    Versamail was worked fine with my .Mac account both sending and receiving.
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    I have no problems, none whatsoever in the almost 3yrs since i've been using .Mac with Versamail (since Treo 650 even). You may want to recheck your server settings.
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