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    I have a treo 650 which I am trying to have wireless email integration with my corp exchange server. My company has VPN access to email therefore I can't use the Verizon Wireless Sync which my carrier recommended.

    I have downloaded Chattermail and Snappermail. I would like to use either as they are both highly recommended. However, I can't find the IMAP/domain/server information from my computer to input in the set up process.

    When I downloaded Versamail, it actually configured the domain/server information for me via their set-up process. However, when Versamail tried to connect to the corp email server, the IP address did not work. I think because the IP address was based on the network connection NOT a wireless connection.

    I do have a company-supported Blackberry that is configured. Maybe I can get system information from the re-director program that is running. -- Just a thought

    Any other wireless email products you can recommend or a process to find the server/IMAP/domain information would be appreciated.

    Please don't get too technical.
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    ?????-- Did I mention that I don't know how to get the IMAP information from my system to configure Chattermail. Can you give some advice on that issue.

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    I'm sorry, I replied to hastily.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Chatter will prolly be your best bet for support.
    As far as setting it up, I'm sorry, I don't use IMAP.
    Hope someone can help.
    Just call me Berd.
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    What you need to find out is what kind of server it is (Exchange, Domino, etc.) and how it can be accessed (OWA, IMAP, POP3, etc.). These are things that we can't know.

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    It is a Microsoft Exchange 2003 server. It has OWA access but it secure ID only.

    I am trying to use chattermail now but I'm having SMTP config issues. Am I suppose to use the IMAP setup process or the Exchange set up process?
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    If you need SecurID, then ChatterEmail won't help you - sorry.


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