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    I noticed that past few nights or so my keypad has been flashing on and off at night while it is plugged in. I plug it in every night on my nightstand and sometimes get woken up at various times with the keypad, not the screen, turning on for about 3 sec and then going off for 8 sec, this will loop for sometime or until I fall back asleep .
    I don't remember this happening before. I do have Profiles running to turn my Treo to "bedtime" mode which turns off all the sounds except for the phone on ring vol 1. I recently installed Butler and use that for the Key Launcher and just a few days ago to turn the LED off at night. I also have NVbackup running a backup at 3am so I do expect it to turn on then but it seems to turn on before and after that as well. While it is doing it I tried switching the "Profile" from one to the other and that seemed to work for a while and then went back to flashing. Last night I left the profile on my normal profile hoping something was just wrong with the night time profile and had the same problem. It does not seem to be a problem during the day.

    Has anyone seen this or have any ideas as to what I can try??
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    It's about to go bad. My T700P had the same symptoms and later that night, the keyboard backlight just went out. Had to have the treo replaced.
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    I completely agree. My keypad on 700p #2 started flickering on and off and eventually died. I suggest you get a replacement.
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    I was able to duplicate the problem after hours

    The problem was with Profiles. I removed it and everything was fine.

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