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    My desktop calander has issues Each event recorded is a funny color and has no information about the event contained witrhin it.

    For example, on my phone calander I have a meeting 8:00 to 10:00 with abc company. When i synk it with the desktop, the desktop calander changes color for the time noted but there is no information in it nor can i put information in the time slot.

    I tried to remove the program from my computer and reinstalling it, but it ends up doing the same thing when re installed.

    PLEASE HELP I'm drowning here.


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    LOL i figured it out after two weeks of issues

    All of my calender events are filed into a group, some how, some way the category on the top left of the desktop calander got switched to unfiled. So that is why it was showing the events that were recorded just in a different color and why i could change them, it was showing the unfiled portion which i didnt have any of. - don't know if this makes sense to you but it does to me


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