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    Long time listener, first time caller...

    I have a Treo 650 and just got a new 700p (my 7th Palm device since 1997). Rather than just synch up the new one, I removed the old Palm Desktop, installed the new one, and loaded all my software fresh onto the new 700p. I'm very satisfied with the results, as I think I got rid of a ton of old and orphaned files and increased stability. But,

    In so doing, I lost all my programmed speed dial information. I imagine all the nicknames, numbers, and additional characters and pauses are stored in a file somewhere on my old phone, just waiting to be copied onto my SD card and then loaded into the 700p. I just don't know what it's called or where to find it.

    Anyone know?
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    I'm pretty sure it's the file called PhoneFavorites2DB. You can get it from your palm backup folder (if it's still there, I'm not sure what uninstalling palm desktop did from your post) or from your 650 if you still have it.
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    Are we sure they are compatible from a 650 to a 700? F14Scott if you try it can you please post the results so we can all do the same?


    (BTW I posted the same question in the main 700 forum with no answers so thank you albertb! Course I stated it differently but same idea)
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    I found that file in my old PalmOne folder here:

    Clicked on it to place it in the Installer.

    All my Speed Dials are back, in their proper order, good as new.

    Thank you, albertb!

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