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    i take a video it says cant do more than 165k is there a way to fix that?
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    What do you mean 'can't do more than 165k' ? Is it that you can't send more than a 165k clip or your phone can't record more than a certain length of time?
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    Boo Boo and grammar go hand in hand. This is the second time I have read your post and need an interperter. What is it your asking my friend?
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    I believe what he is asking is using Picture Mail or something, there is a limit on the size of video mail you can send. I know on Sprint it is like 265k, or something like that. I too wish I could do larger. Not sure if that can be changed or not, it is a limitation with the carrier I think.
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    i try and send a video via text and it says i cant send more than 165kb.

    and sorry if your unable to read shorthand. maybe ill draw a pic instead
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    attach vidoe clips to snappermail email and send. I always do that.

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