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    Iv posted i cant remember how many times about an issue only a handfull of people know of and its tons of resets all the time such as in the middle of dialing a call, just scrolling menus in the phone and so fourth, it resets and error log reads HTC6500CallTelephonyHandler.cpp,Line3390 so fourth...
    Im on my 6th 700p TRUST ME to save all you helpful folks the time it HAS NOTHING to do with ANY apps or curruption on my files...its DEFINATELY something in my account itself or EVDO or something in this area....cause i know two other people who have the issue in this area but dont care to know or fix it....has ANYONE else out there experienced this please help man
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    Not to berate you, but I know people who've exchanged their Treo's as much as you say (six times), for the most mundane issues.
    Coming from a first generation Treo 650 (Nov 2004), I knew what to expect first hand and how to deal with its issues.
    I think in your case, a hard reset is going to be your best friend right this moment, then install your most needed programs one at a time to try to identify the culprit causing your resets.
    The only problem with my 700P is sluggishness in operation (which most attribute to a database bug Palm should urgently fix).
    Good luck, mate.
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    I'm still on my first 700p, have lots of 3rd party apps, and have never seen the error you are referring to. Since you've had several headsets so far, it would almost have to be a 3rd party app causing this situation.

    If you're using an SD Card or MMC Card, remove it and see if that prevents the errors from occuring. Sometimes the SD cards can cause this. If it is the cause, then the only thing to do is either try a new card or format your card and see if that helps.

    If that's not it, then backup your Treo with any of the backup software out there, and/or do a hotsync and then perform a hard reset (that wipes out all your apps - erasing all data from the handheld). Immediately go into the phone after it reboots and try to cause your error. If you can't cause the error to occur, then it MUST be a 3rd party app.

    If you're getting crashes then, it MUST either be the hardware, or some setting Sprint is putting into your device (i.e., in your account).

    If it fixes the problem, then reinstall one app at a time until the errors start occuring, and then you should be able to see the culprit.

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