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    I now have a very nice E&B flip case for my 700p. However I want the option of wearing Treo on my belt.

    I know I have seen here (but after searching cannot now find...) a description of a solution so that I never have to use a "nude" Treo which I would definitely drop.

    Ideally there would be a side mount belt case that could accomodate Treo in case I have now but haven't been able to find one big enough, eg, Palm side case quite too small.

    I can't use silicone or plastic or metal, only leather.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks and be well, all.

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    My brother uses a Sena magnetic flipper inside the Sena leather belt pouch. Had to stretch it a little but he likes it. Sena makes a combo with the regular leather case and belt case....very nice.

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