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    i need some advice. is there a way to set up my chatter so that i can see a few days of 'deleted off treo' email? i'm not keeping my treo and my aol mail synced...and that's because i want to keep work email on my treo but i want to keep read but nonwork aol mail on my pc to deal with at home...and by syncing them i find that i am losing emails on both systems ...they go to delete or old and i want to keep them in my new list.

    anyway, i have had the experience where some emails were deleted off the treo (700p) but there was one in the middle of the list that i meant to keep. is there a way to retrieve it (without going back to my pc). how do i set up a folder on my treo to move deleted mail to??? and can i set it up to delete that mail after a certain amount of time passes? (2 or 3 days).


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    I think AOL automatically moves deleted messages to a trash folder; and you can sync a few days worth of that folder if you like (use "New Mailbox" to make the box that syncs with Trash).


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