Ok, I've looked around here for a while and can't come up with anything.

Here's my current setup..
My mailboxes are kept offline, and data is disconnected when all the mailboxes are offline. I did this to keep the data closed so I miss less calls.

I also have it set to SMS triggers when to sync the mailboxes and also to autosync every 2 hours. The autosync is just so if I delete a message on the Treo, since they're offline, it won't do anything on the server side. Every 2 hours though, it'll update the server.

Now, is this the best settings I should be using? It's a bit annoying when you suddenly get a few emails in a row and it's having to sign onto the data, sync, then disconnect. I would like to keep the data free, phone calls are more important and I don't get that much email.

Just wondering, is there a device that it's best to keep everything online and open? Would this work on a 700p? From what I understand, a call will still go through when you're using data.