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    I tried looking mysekf, but could not find it, so:
    Is there a launcher that can partition te applications launched from the SD card into categories/Tabs?
    with the SD card so much bigger than internal memory, I am moving as many apps as I can to the card - and they are all then in one big category on the launcher. I know I can use a pprogram like PowerRun to install shortcuts to the application, and the SHORTCUTS can then be in categories/tabs, but is there any other/better way?

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    If I understand your question, the answer is most 3rd-party launchers will do what you want. I think you want to move your apps to the SD card, and organize them into categories (that might include some apps in ram or rom also)? LauncherX (which I use) certainly does, as do PowerRun, ZLauncher, etc. also do. Even the default Palm launcher will launch apps (not just shortcuts) stored on the SD card, but the problem with the default launcher is that all said apps are lumped into a single category called "Card" or something like that.

    Moving apps to the SD card is a good way to save RAM space, but some apps, particularly those that run in the background like mp3 players, GPS software, push email clients, etc., won't run if stored on the SD card.
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    To expand on the ZLauncher suggestion, you can place programs that are on the SD card in any category in ZLauncher. I group all my communications together, all my utilities together, etc, doesn't matter if they're in ram, in /palm/launcher, or moved into ZLaunchers folders (which allows dbs to be moved as well, saving even more ram).
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    I use LauncherX and after reading your tip I re-read the manual. I didn't realize I could move the databases as well as the apps themselves to the SD card. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Question: I presume that when one moves the data base to the SD card, it no longer gets HotSynced? Thus you have to rely on backing up the SD card itself for data security? Or does the bundling/syncing work even when the apps and their data bases are on the card?
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    ZLauncher can hotsync applications on the SD card. It leaves a stub in ram which LOOKS like the right program, and when there is a conduit for said program it will actually launch (or whatever hotsync does) the right program.
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    By "applications" does that include their data files as well? It's not that important to HotSync applications, since they don't change and if it becomes lost or corrupted you can always re-install it, but of course it's critical to back up your data attached to said applications.
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    Yes, both ZLauncher and LauncherX can use "shortcut" stubs in RAM to point HotSync Manager to the right file on the card so data files can be synced. I have most of ePocrates on one of my SD cards and they AutoUpdate fine--maybe a little slower than if they were in RAM, but that's OK.
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    Thanks, that's good to know. I'll be moving a few more apps over to the card now...

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